K-6 Fit and Well

This exciting class at Fairmont Elementary is designed with your child's health in mind. The FITNESS portion of this class is primarily centered around four basic component; aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and strength, flexibility, and body composition. Secondary components would include; balance, coordination, agility, reaction time, speed, power, and mental capability.

When asked if we are "healthy" most people generally refer to the above components, the PHYSICAL aspects of health. Which rightly so, they are a huge part of what it means to be healthy. However, this is where the WELLNESS portion comes in. Wellness components would include social health (the ability to interact with people and the environment and to have satisfying relationships), mental health (the ability to grow and learn intellectually), emotional health (ability to control emotions and being able to express them appropriately), and spiritual health (varies from person to person, but this is seeking meaning and purpose in life).

Being a FIT AND WELL individual would encompass all of these fitness and wellness components in some way, shape, or form. We hope with this class we can provide students, parents, teachers, and staff with the information needed to live a long, happy, and healthy life. A lot of these components are already being taught in the regular physical education classes, but now can be taught more in depth through FIT AND WELL and can provide students with even more opportunities to improve their well-being.