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Licensed School Counselors (LSCs) help students with:

    • Academic planning and support
    • Career and college planning
    • Decision making and conflict resolution
    • Short term individual/group counseling
    • Difficult family situations
    • Friendship concerns and issues
    • Bullying concerns
    • Personal/social skills
    • Self-awareness
    • Study skills and learning styles

LSCs help families with:

    • Academic planning information
    • Assessment results interpretation
    • Community resources
    • Consultation
    • Navigating education systems
    • Parent information/conferences

LSCs help school and teachers with:

    • Academic and behavioral interventions
    • Consultation
    • Crisis prevention planning
    • Crisis intervention and management
    • Data analysis
    • Reducing behavior problems
    • School-wide needs assessment
    • Understanding student needs

Lake Middle School’s Counseling Department Receives Best Practices Award

(St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 13, 2012)

Congratulations to the Lake Middle School student support services department for winning the first annual Program of Promise Award from the Minnesota School Counselors Association. The award recognizes student support programs with an exceptional Support Personnel Accountability Report Card for Minnesota (SPARC-MN), which communicates the best practice comprehensive programming of a school counseling department based on effective implementation of national school counseling standards.

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Lake Middle School Counselors

The Vision of the Lake Middle School Counselors is..."Every Child College (academic), Career (career), and Community(personal social) Ready - 3CR".


District 833 Middle School Counselors

In the South Washington County School District, the mission of middle school professional school counselors is to provide a comprehensive developmental school counseling program focused on academic, personal, social, and career development for all students, which fosters lifelong learners that are college, career and community ready.