Foods of the World

Mrs Iturrino

Spring Rolls and Sauce (1).docx
Chicken Vegetable Stir Fry.doc
alfredo recipe.docx
Rice Noodles.docx
Cream Scones (1).docx
Devonshire or Devon Cream Recipe.docx
East African Pelau Cuisine African.docx
lab duties Chappati Bread.docx
Fettuccini Pasta.docx
Homemade Red Sauce.docx
Mediterranean Roasted Garlic and Dip.docx
Pretzel Glaze and Dip.docx
Pretzels (2).docx
Sofrito- Puerto Rican Salsa.docx
Spanish Yellow Rice.docx
Pernil- PR pork roast.docx
LAB DUTIES cuban Sandwiches.docx
FOW Final RECIPES- cakes.pptx
Gourmet Crepes.docx