Mrs. Gilmore's 1st Graders

Room 213

Hello First Grade Families!


Reading/Writing: We are synthesizing and summarizing to help us determine the story elements (character, setting, problem and solution). They are doing remarkable with this strategy.

Students wrote their "rough draft" on their favorite winter activity, our fourth grade buddies will help us make it even better by editing and revising next week.

Math: We will begin Unit 5 which is on graphing. Students will read, make, and use graphs to compare data, solve comparison story problems, and measure using length to the nearest inch. We will not do a problems solvers strategy this week.

1st grade performance-It’s been so fun seeing the children’s excitement they’ve demonstrated while composing songs with Mr. Heurch for their program, based on books with a Minnesota flair. The lyrics they created will be sent home in the next few weeks for students to practice. Hopefully your calendar is marked for Tuesday, February 27th, performance night!

MLK-We learned about the influential Martin Luther King Jr. and his role in helping people of color have more equality! We talked extensively about how each person, regardless of color or race, needs to be treated with respect and kindness. We looked at 4 different colored apples and discussed the symbolism between our skin color and the apple colors. When we cut the apple horizontal, no matter what color there is a beautiful star inside. We are the same inside (and beautiful) and it's our job to show respect, kindness, and empathy to all as we all have the same inside (heart, feeling etc).

MLK Jr. Poem - Student Performed

MLK Jr. Song - Student Performed

Snack- I have given out all the snacks I’ve purchased or that you’ve donated. If you wish to send in an extra box of snacks (graham crackers, gold fish etc) that’s fine. I’d prefer if the snack isn’t a “desirable” snack as it’s interesting how many children forget their snack when the donated snack is fruit snacks.


  • Turn in Eager Reader forms
  • Monday 15th - NO SCHOOL - Honoring MLK Jr.
  • Tuesday 16th - P.E. , Field Trip Chaperone Drawing (I'll let parents know either way on Wednesday)
  • Wednesday 17th - Music, Art Adventure
  • Thursday 18th - P.E., Media Lesson, Art Adventure
  • Friday 19th, Music, Art Adventure


Mrs. Brandi Gilmore

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