Mrs. Wagner's Classroom Happenings


Yikes! Only 4 days left of school! First of all, THANK YOU all so much for taking time out of your HECTIC schedule to have someone here for the BBQ and/or Charlotte’s Web play! I’m sure you were as proud of your child as I was! One of the highlights of being a teacher is seeing how each child grows so much each year! Of course, academically, I want them all to grow from where they began. I’m equally as proud of how much they have matured and for the most part showed kindness, empathy, and respect to others! We make a pretty awesome 2nd family!

I added some photos listed “June fun!” Pictures are from the play, nature center, and other fun pictures.

So this is what our week next week looks like (I think)….wow! This is a LOT of fun times ahead J

Manila Envelope- Watch for an envelope with your child’s Problems Solver tests AND report card supplement sheet! Please note, I gave the same test for fall and Spring, that score is reported on the supplemental sheet. The test that shows “meet 2” on the top was just for fun! Hope that’s clear as mud J! In that envelope there is also next year’s supply list (green paper) that I was asked to send home. I also will have a “summer pack” that’s OPTIONAL for your child to keep fresh on their skills over the summer! This will be sent home on Monday!

Monday- MUSIC, attend 2nd grade skits, maker space with Mrs. Ohlgren. Watch for thick envelope

Tuesday- PE, PLEASE bring in heavy duty recycled bag. You may mark your child’s name on the bag. Watch for Father’s Day gift to come home today!

Wednesday- MUSIC – Happy BIRTHDAY Wesley! All school Yearbook signing 3:15-3:45. First grade teachers have a special pen for each first grader to have for Yearbook signing. The first grade team will provide a slice of pizza and juice box- NO SNACK needed this day! The slice of pizza will serve as their afternoon snack!

Thursday- PE, BEACH PARTY- We will be celebrating the last day with a beach party! To help us with this celebration, your child is invited to bring a beach towel, sunglasses, beverage, and their favorite book. They may wear swim trunks, swim shirts, just no bikini’s for the girls please. Our desks will not be utilized as all our “school supplies” will be sent home Thursday.

Friday- SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! ENJOY your summer! Make lots of great memories!