Mrs. Wagner's Classroom Happenings

Journal Update-


Comprehension Skill-Analyzing Characters (Week 2) We are synthesizing and summarizing to help us determine the story elements (character, setting, problem and solution). They are doing remarkable with this strategy. We also have been focusing on some fundamental grammar topics like nouns and verbs. We learned how to change a verb into past test and future tense. We also learned that proper nouns need to begin with a capital letter. Next week we will learn about Possessive nouns.

Math: We will finish unit 4 next week. We will review on Tuesday and take the assessment on Wednesday. We will begin Unit 5 which is on graphing. Students will read, make, and use graphs to compare data, solve comparison story problems, and measure using length to the nearest inch. We will not do a problems solvers strategy this week.

Writing- We will begin our Writer’s workshop where we publish personal narratives; events that have happened in your child’s life. On Tuesday, you will be asked to assist with generating topics for your child to write about. That will take the place of Tuck me in Tuesday homework. Please return them by Thursday!

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday PE, Art Adventure

Thursday Music, Media lesson, Art Adventure

Friday PE, Mystery Reader: 9:45, Computer lab

Snack- I have given out all the snacks I’ve purchased or that you’ve donated. If you wish to send in an extra box of snacks (graham crackers, gold fish etc) that’s fine. I’d prefer if the snack isn’t a “desirable” snack as it’s interesting how many children forget their snack when the donated snack is fruit snacks J! Also, we are nearly out of the mini individually wrapped tootsie rolls, our secret scrap reward, if you wish to donate this item for our class.

I will attach the chaperone note in case your child didn’t bring theirs home. I found 3 on the floor J and didn’t know which student dropped it. I will notify you Wednesday morning if you name was drawn so please return in Tuesday.

MLK-We learned about the influential Martin Luther King Jr. and his role in helping people of color have more equality! We talked extensively about how each person, regardless of color or race, needs to be treated with respect and kindness (great connection from the book Wonder that we read before break). We cracked an organic egg (brown shell) and another egg (white shell) and discussed the symbolism between our skin color and the shell color. We are the same inside and it's our job to show respect, kindness, and empathy to all as we all have the same inside us (heart, feeling etc).

Absent- I will be gone, again (urg) for a funeral on Tuesday. We will have a new sub, Mrs. Draheim. Her son and Michael play traveling basketball together so they will be in great hands.

1st grade performance-It’s been so fun seeing the children’s excitement they’ve demonstrated while composing songs with Mr. Heurch for their program. The lyrics they created will be sent home in the next few weeks for students to practice.

Charlottes web will be our next read aloud. Please send in the book I gave them before winter break with their name in the inside cover.

Mrs. Jones-It’s been such a gift having Mrs. Jones! She’s going to be a fabulous teacher! Each week she will be “taking over” a new subject. She will teach full time for 4 weeks under my supervision. Her full time will be the last week in February and three weeks in March. Here is a note from her...

Hello Parents, my name is Mrs. Jones and I will be your child’s student teacher until the end of April. I have had such a great experience getting to know your children this past week and I can’t wait to work with them even more! I am finishing up my bachelor’s degree for elementary education from Grand Canyon University, which is an online program. I have always wanted to teach first grade because of their young, curious minds. I love their energy and desire to learn. For this reason, I am thrilled that I was placed in your children’s classroom.

On a personal note, my husband Connor and I have two children. Our son Jaxton is 3 and is in preschool this year. We also have a daughter Ella who is 9 months old. Until this point, I have stayed home with my kids and have worked on my education. We love doing many things as a family. One of our favorite past times would be hiking. Our kids are full of energy so playing and loving on our children is our main focus at home. I can’t wait to get to know each of you and your children over these next four months.

Alyssah Jones