ACT Test Prep

ALL juniors a Park Center take the ACT during school hours for FREE in March. Students will "bubble" in their exam sheets during Advisory class. This is required prior to taking the exam. Any students that have not done this will not be able to take the ACT exam. For more information, click here for the PC Testing Site. Contact Jim Nagel, Testing Coordinator with questions.

This year, 2018-19 school year, the CRC has added 7 Test Prep sessions to help all juniors and seniors taking the ACT prepare for the exam.

ACT Test Prep Session Dates 2019

Although the PC CRC does not recommend any specific ACT preparation course or company, here are some resources to help juniors prepare to take the Exam in March.

ACT Testing Dates, Registration Deadlines and Late Fees

If a student would like to take the ACT again, you will need to know your ACT ID Number. This information can be found on the top center of your score report that was mailed to your home in April. For more information and to register for the ACT, CLICK HERE.

ACT Test Fee per Test Option

ACT (No Writing) $50

ACT Plus Writing

  • Includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices (if valid codes are provided when you register click here for 2018-19 college codes)
  • 5th and 6th college choice fee is $13 for each school
  • Late registration fee is $29.50
  • Standby testing is $53 in addition to the basic fee, if you missed registration
  • Test date change fee is $26 in addition to the basic fee
  • Test center change fee is $26 in addition to the basic fee
  • Test information release service is $20