This is a learn as you go technology unit that teaches skills on how to organize, take notes, be efficient and be resourceful using an iPad: Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Schoology, and Notability. Most sections have a Google Slide presentation with information and a video included.

Check out Tech Week resources!

Where do I Start?

Student Resource:

Students start with iPad Intro and then choose a section you want to get more familiar with. Teachers may also direct you where to go during Tech Week. This will be a great resource for you to refer to when you need a reminder throughout the year!

Teacher Resource:

Teachers refer to the document below on how to start and how to share this information with your students.

Tech Week Directions



Students are challenged to add tutorial videos of the apps included in tech week including tips and tricks that haven’t been addressed. Students can also create tutorials of different apps on self-service. To create the videos, students can refer to the iPad Intro video to learn how to record their iPad screen. Students can send videos to

Awards will be given out for engaging tech videos! Keep in mind these videos will be shared with the school!


Students are challenged to help each other troubleshoot technology problems. Awards will be given out by teachers who see students being leaders.