Special Education

Westview is one of six elementary schools in the district that houses a Communication Interaction Program (CIP). Students spending time in the CIP program typically have learning needs aligned with individuals with high functioning autism. The students receiving services through the CIP program are most commonly on the very mild end of the autism spectrum. ISD 196 has other programming options in different elementary schools for students that have more complex needs on the autism spectrum.

Most of the students that receive services from the CIP program at Westview spend a portion of their school day with their general education class, and spend the remaining portions of the school day receiving specialized instruction for academics, speech-language skills, and social skills development. Westview has three CIP classrooms serving students in kindergarten through 5th grade. There are paraprofessional staff members who support students in a variety of ways.

The students are all working on the same general education curriculum and academic standards as in the general education setting; however the setting is individualized to reduce sensory distracters, provide increased opportunities for hands-on and interactive learning activities, provide intensive social skill instruction, and to customize the pace of instruction to suit the student’s needs. Westview Elementary has had the pleasure of housing a Communication Interaction Program for over fifteen years.

Call 651-683-6969, then select the voice mail (vm) # below to leave a message.

Mrs. Moulton

CIP Classroom Teacher

vm 84217

Mrs. Kesler

CIP Classroom Teacher

vm 85324

Ms. Fischer

CIP Classroom Teacher

vm 84236

Ms. Logan

CIP Classroom Teacher

vm 84227

Mrs. Blaszczak


Phy. Ed.

vm 82299

Mrs. Larson

Deaf Hard of Hearing Teacher

vm 30677

Ms. Spurr

School Psychologist

vm 83946

Mrs. Dorendorf


Tier III

vm 82334

Ms. Peetsch


vm 84222

Mrs. Flaherty


vm 84225

Mrs. Guglielmo


vm 84221

Mrs. Gilbertson

Speech / Language

vm 82558

Ms. Skahan

Speech / Language

vm 84214

Westview Elementary School, 225 Garden View Drive, Apple Valley, Minnesota, Phone: 952-431-8380

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