Summer Garden

Summer seems right around the corner when we realize that our Westview students will be planting seeds and plants soon. A local church will be adding soil to our gardens at the end of April, then planting will start in May.

As in years before, we are looking for families to take care of our garden during the summer. Mrs. Johnson, our garden coordinator, is asking families to sign-up to care for the garden for a week at a time. She will call you at the beginning of each week you sign-up and talk with you about what needs to be done in the garden that week. These may include watering, weeding, picking food that is ready or bringing any vegetables you don't want to the local church that has offered to distribute them to families in need.

You get to take home and eat any produce from the garden that your family would like.

You can make it even easier and more fun by partnering with another Westview family or two. Share the work and the vegetables.

You will be invited to attend one of three general orientation meetings in May and June.

Our volunteer season begins Monday, June 12. To sign up, call Mrs. Johnson at 952-431-8380.

Westview Elementary School, 225 Garden View Drive, Apple Valley, Minnesota, Phone: 952-431-8380

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