7th Science

Human Body

General Resources - Scroll down for different systems

Innerbody.com (higher reading level)

Kids Health.org (also Teens Health)

Circulatory System

Britannica School - Cardiovascular System

(Home Access)

Innerbody.com - Cardiovascular System

Kids Health.org - Heart and Circulatory System

DK Find Out! - Heart and Blood

The Franklin Institute - The Heart: Engine of Life

How Stuff Works - How Your Heart Works

Digestive System

Britannica School - Digestive System

(Home Access)

University of Rochester - Digestive System

Innerbody.com - Digestive System

Kids Health.org - Digestive System

National Geographic Kids - Follow Your Food!

DK Find Out! - Digestion

Excretory System

Britannica School - Urinary System

(Home Access)

Innerbody.com - Urinary System

Kids Health.org - Kidneys and Urinary Tract

DK Find Out! - Your Water Works

How Stuff Works - How Your Kidneys Work

Biology 4 Kids.com - Excretion is Not Elimination

Integumentary System

Innerbody.com - Integumentary System

Kids Health.org - Skin, Hair and Nails

How Stuff Works - How Skin Works

Biology 4 Kids.com - Integumentary System

Muscular System

Kids Health.org - Your Muscles

Innerbody.com - Muscular System

DK Find Out! - Muscles

How Stuff Works - How Muscles Work

UXL Encyclopedia of Science - Muscular System

Nervous System

Britannica School - Nervous System

(Home Access)

How Stuff Works - How Nerves Work

Ask a Biologist - A Nervous Journey

Innerbody.com - Nervous System

DK Find Out! - Brain and Nerves

Kids Health.org - Your Brain and Nervous System

Respiratory System

Britannica School - Respiratory System

(Home Access)

How Stuff Works - How Your Lungs Work

Kids Health.org - Lungs and Respiratory System

Innerbody.com - Respiratory System

DK Find Out! - Lungs and Breathing

National Institute of Health - How the Lungs Work

UXL Encyclopedia of Science - Respiratory System

Skeletal System

Kids Health.org - Your Bones

Innerbody.com - Skeletal System

DK Find Out! - Skeleton and Bones

How Stuff Works - How Bones Work

UXL Encyclopedia of Science - Skeletal System