RHS Renovations

November 2017 - December 2018

Event Alert:

Rosemount High School Community,

Construction from the voter approved bond of 2015 is under way at our school. The front east doors of our school are closed due to construction.

Until further notice, for all school events and activities, please enter the school using the front main doors (door with the canopy).

Thanks for your cooperation!


Over winter break, work will begin on modernizing the boy’s restroom, located on the first floor academic hall way, across from stairwell A.

Students may use the N Wing restrooms just around the corner during the construction.

The 2015 bond, approved by the community, provides for modernizing most of our first floor restrooms. Modernization of the restrooms include individual compartments and improving privacy.


Beginning this week, the front hall of our building, from the front main entrance through the front east entrance, will be cordoned off for construction. The front main entrance of our school will continue to be open. For access to the PAC and east side of the gym, visitors will enter through the front main entrance and continue straight to the second crossing hall. At the second crossing hall, visitors will turn right and walk to the east entrance hall to gain access to the PAC and the east side of the gym. Access to the west side of the gym and the instrumental music room via the band balcony will continue to be available from the front hall.

In addition, the existing restrooms near the west band balcony entrance in the front hallway will be closed for renovation. Please use the restrooms outside the choir room and outside the Student Center as alternates.

The front east doors of the school will continue to be closed with emergency egress exits only.

Project Update 3/6/18

On March 9, work will begin on placing a large underground holding tank in front of our school. Work on the placement of this tank will encroach on the east side of the front parking lot, closest to our school. With this in mind, the front sidewalk of our school will need to be detoured around this project, further encroaching on the lot. Because this lot is where our busses stage at the end of the school day, we ask that cars not park in the east side of this lot until the tank placement is completed in April. Handicap parking spots, normally found on the east side of this lot, have been temporarily moved to the west side. Visitor parking spots that are lost from this lot, have been relocated in the large lot, in the spots facing the tennis courts.

Also note that a crane will be needed to move steel near the same spot where the holding tank is being placed on March 8 and 21st. Cars dropping off and picking up students curb side should be alert for the presence of the crane.

Renovation of the boy’s bathroom on our first floor academic hall is scheduled to be completed within the next week. Once completed, renovation will begin immediately on the boys and girls restroom in our front hallway, near the school’s main entrance. It is recommended that the restrooms just outside our Student Center and Choir Room be used as substitutes during the construction.

We will be without water in the building on Saturday, March 17. We are in the process of moving activities off campus for that day. Consult the RHS calendar for event location changes on that day.

Renovations approved through the 2015 bond vote by school district community members will begin at Rosemount High School in November 2017 and will take one full year to complete. Below is information regarding how to access Rosemount High School during Phase I of the construction. Future phase information will be posted on this website as it becomes available.

Access to some school events may be complicated by the construction. We will communicate special notices regarding these events at this site throughout the year.

Driving and Walking Entrances to Rosemount High School

Phase 1 (3-2-2018) (002).pdf

Phase I - November 14, 2017 - October 12, 2018

  • Description of Work: Construction will begin on the new music facility and the east end of the front hall entrance.
  • Traffic Impact: The far east end of the front parking lot will be closed to parking and traffic.
  • Traffic Recommendation: Use the main door of the school for student pick up and drop off.
  • Walking Impact: East door of school will be closed throughout this phase.
  • Walking Recommendations: Use the main door of the school for entering and exiting the school. Walkers from the north and east may use the temporary entrance through Door 18 (east end of lower level academic hall.)

Special Education Transportation Note: Special Education buses will use the East Service Road beginning November 9th both for morning drop-off and afternoon staging. There will no longer be any courtesy parking on this road.

Phases II - IV

Information on these future phases will be posted on this website as it becomes available.

Completed Project - December 2018

See architect drawings of the renovations

Renovation questions: Contact John Wollersheim, Principal at john.wollersheim@district196.org