Special Services

Each teacher has his/her own voice mail number which allows you to leave messages throughout the day and in the evening. Dial 651-683-6969 and enter the VM extension below.

Math Recovery

Heidi Clendening Heidi.Clendening@district196.org VM 92743

Colleen Frank Colleen.Frank@district196.org VM 92648

Math Recovery is a program designed to help insure that all students will be successful in math. The goal is to help students advance to the level at which they can successfully learn with their peers. Number and number relations that can seem obvious to adults may not seem so for children. Children's understanding can vary greatly from the adult's knowledge. The development of this knowledge does not come from telling, but rather through the child's personal construction of the knowledge. Children must have personal experiences to learn and relate various forms of number. Math Recovery has its focus in the number operation and concept strand of math and its emphasis on assessment and intervention. Topics addressed are: Forward Number Word Sequences, Backward Number Word Sequences, Numeral Identification, Number Structures, Addition/Subtraction Strategies and Multiplication/Division Strategies.

Reading Recovery

Teresa Douglas, RR Teacher Leader Teresa.Douglas@district196.org VM 92648

Lynda Morrison Lynda.Morrison@district196.org VM 93085

Information on the Reading Recovery program can be found on the District 196 Web Site.


Cyndie Swenson Cyndie.Swenson@district196.org VM 95427

Susan Hart Susan.Hart@district196.org VM 93639

Special Education

Laura Ross Resource Laura.Ross@district196.org VM 92737

Beth Anderson Resource Beth.Anderson@district196.org VM 30661

Katie McPherson Resource Katie.McPherson@district 196.org VM 94722

Rhonda Bidjou Resource Rhonda.Bidjou@district196.org VM 92776

Jason Barbes Resource Jason.Barbes@district16.org VM 94415

Cathy Erredge CIP Primary Cathy.Erredge@district196.org VM 94854

Kelly Woods CIP Intermediate Kelly.Woods@district196.org VM 92742

MaryBeth Erickson ECSE MaryBeth.Erickson@district196.org VM 92766

Title I

Anissa Parsons Anissa.Parsons@district196.org VM 92757

Nancy Snodgrass Nancy.Snodgrass@district196.org VM 92704

Laurie Anderson Laurie.Anderson@district196.org VM 92772

Oak Ridge Elementary School of Leadership, Environmental and Health Sciences, 4350 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Eagan, MN 55122, Phone: 651-683-6970

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