Student Advisory Board

2016-17 Advisory Board Members

Meet the 2016-17 Student Advisory Board

The advisory board members are

5th graders: Amira Buck, Celetta Hunter, Maddy Severson and Emmanuel Yonas

4th grader: Karissa Valle

3rd graders: Dylan Gagnon, Sinae Hill, Carly Johnson, and Fatima Nasar

Together we are the Student Advisory board!

What We Do

  • We help make our school a better place
  • We show leadership and help to show the seven habits
  • We synergize to come up with ideas that make our school a positive community and less of a negative environment
  • We show leadership on the team and we use integrity. We also show leadership not just on the board but in our classrooms and at home.

The Problem in the Cafeteria

One of the problems we face in our school is the cafeteria. We have resolved the condiments issue (Ketchup and Mustard). But we have other problems. Now it’s the noise level. We used to have a noise monitor, but people decided that they wanted to yell and scream to make it turn red. Unfortunately, we had to remove it because of the noise volume. But the noise volume is still very loud. If you have any suggestions you may inform the Student Advisory Board or talk to Mrs. Willmott about any ideas on how to make the voice volume lower in the lunchroom.

Oak Ridge Elementary School of Leadership, Environmental and Health Sciences, 4350 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Eagan, MN 55122, Phone: 651-683-6970

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