Mental Health Supports

Schools are an ideal place for students to receive social-emotional support to deal with challenges related to stress, mental health difficulties, trauma, bullying, family change, and learning challenges.

School Psychologist

Nancy Risch

School Social Worker

MaryJo Kacvinsky

School Nurse

Amy Gillis

School Psychologists, School Social Workers and School Nurses are some of the school staff who are specially trained to provide mental health supports and have a specific skillset to understand school systems and learning, as well as how student’s behavior and mental health impact their overall wellbeing and academic functioning.

Below are some resources that your family may find helpful while navigating the changes of the 2022-2023 school year. If you have questions or are in need of additional support, please reach out. (this includes a helpful 30 minute parenting video produced by Conscious Discipline)

Mental Health Minute

An introduction to social-emotional learning (SEL):

How are you feeling?

This article from Mental Health America has some good tips on what every child needs for good mental health

Misbehavior is a caution sign pointing to skills children are missing. Punishment does not stop it. The only thing that will change behavior is to TEACH a new skill to replace the troublesome behavior. - Conscious Discipline

Deep breathing helps with:

  • Self regulation

  • Active calming

  • Fussing and fits

  • Self-control

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Social-emotional learning

Ask your child to teach you S.T.A.R, Balloon, Pretzel and Drain!

Students, teach your parents the skill of deep breathing!