Volunteer Opportunities

Site Council/Booster Club

Site Council

School District 196 believes in shared decision making at the building level. The district encourages community involvement and utilizing the talents of parents and other community members. To this end, each school in our district has a Site Council. The Site Council supports the efforts of the school in their mission and helps with decision making in many areas. This advisory group consists of Glacier Hills staff and elected parents/guardians.

Booster Club

Glacier Hills has a dedicated group of parents and staff who form the Glacier Hills Elementary Booster Club with the express purpose to:

  • Enhance the education and development of the students at Glacier Hills
  • Support a positive working and learning environment at Glacier Hills
  • Raise and distribute funds in a manner that supports these goals

Site Council and Booster Club generally meet once each month at 4:15PM. The Parent Forum, where parents have an opportunity to address the Site Council and Booster Club, is always the first part of our meeting. All parents are welcome at these meetings.

More information including the many Volunteer Opportunities available can be found on the Booster Club website at http://ghboosterclub.org/

2016-2017 Site Council and Booster Club Members

  • Scott Thomas (Administrator)
  • Alyssa Bartosh (Assistant Administrator)
  • Cindy Johnson (Administrative Secretary)
  • Jessica Kottke (Chairperson)
  • Miranda Noll (Treasurer)
  • Janelle Wodele, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Talia Campbell, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ambuja Goswami (Parent Leader)
  • Alissa Clark (Parent)
  • Ginny Bendickson (Parent)
  • Deena Laugen (Parent)
  • Rashelle Redmon (Parent)
  • Anita Pagey (Parent)
  • Angie Cameron (Parent)
  • Ann Berg (Grade 3 Staff)
  • Stephanie Foley (Grade 1 Staff)
  • Emma Holmblad (Grade 1 Staff)
  • Tony Sobaskie (ELL Specialist Staff)
  • Mike Wagner (Special Education Staff)
  • Vanessa Utell (Music Staff)