MultiMedia Art

All students at GHESAS have Multimedia Art for fifty minutes a week with Mrs. Mujica. The program is in its 4th year, and is one of a kind in District 196. Artists today must know how to use technology to both create art and support their visual arts studio practice. In Multimedia Art, students will learn to function successfully in a variety of arts situations, whether it be in the creation, appreciation, performance or reflection.

About the Class

In Multimedia Arts, students create artworks based on personal/cultural experiences, a focus of study in Art History or a subject they've studied in another discipline. Students combine traditional art making like drawing, painting and sculpture with digital and time-based media, including but not limited to filmmaking, animation, digital editing and green screen photography. They explore themes, diving deeper into subject matter using technological mediums, such as photography, animation, iMovie, and augmented realty.

Parents are encouraged to connect with their students' Multimedia Arts experience by downloading apps, Seesaw and Aurasma, as well as connecting with their child's collab account. Along with our annual Art Night, these programs and apps will allow you to view your child's work.


All students keep a sketchbook which serves as a place to record their personal creations and ideas. Students use the sketchbooks every day in Multimedia Art. K, 1, 2 complete Drawing of the Day activities, and 3, 4, 5 work for five minutes a day on Sketchbook Challenges, which are outlined in the handouts provided for the back and front inside covers of their sketchbooks.


First Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade