FRMS Girls Technovation Challenge

Girl’s Technovation Challenge – Coding Competition For Girls

Over the course of 12-weeks, teams of 5-7 girl’s (with a coach and adult mentors) will come up with an idea for a mobile app to better their community, design and code the app, write a business plan, and create a sales pitch video. Students present their app at a state competition at the Minneapolis Convention Center and submit materials to a global competition.

Technovation 2018: Current Announcements

Thursday, April 17th & 19th

Pitch Video:

Bring ideas for your pitch video. Each team will:

  • Brainstorm pitch ideas & pick one
  • Determine who is doing what for the video

App Code:

  • If you're still working on code, it is your homework! Talk to Mrs. D to schedule time with her outside of the Tuesday & Thursday meeting. Tues/Thurs is for the pitch video.
  • Your coach will merge the code
  • Your Team's CIO will finish the code after the merge.

100 Word App Description:

  • What is your team's status? If done, upload it to your team's "Deliverables" folder.

Business Plan (just a basic one):

  • What is your team's status? When done, upload it to your team's "Deliverables" folder.

Demo Video:

  • This can wait until next week. When done, upload it to your team's "Deliverables" folder.

Deliverables - Due 4/25/18

1. Pitch Video Must be 3-4 minutes It is recommended that all team members speak

2. Demo Video Must be 1-2 minutes

3. App Name & Description 100 word maximum app description

4. Team photo and summary Write a paragraph to help people get to know you

5. Source Code App Inventor

6. Business Plan (senior division only) Must be a PDF Must include everything listed in the Business Plan Checklist

7. Screenshots Upload at least two screenshots of your app

8. Code Checklist Fill out fields with short sentences or pictures to earn up to 10 points

9. Pitch Presentation (only if attending a pitch event) Must be a PDF, PPT, or Google slides Due AFTER 4/25/18.

Additional Upcoming Dates - RSVP to Mrs. DeHerder

  • Tour of US Bank Stadium
    • Saturday, April 28th @1:00
    • We'll take light rail from MOA at 12:00 and return at 4:00
    • Return signed permission form to Mrs. D
    • Return form by April 17th!

  • US Bank Team Event April 30th
    • Monday, April 30th at 2:30
    • Bus from FRMS at 1:30, return at 5:00
    • Return signed permission form to Mrs. D
    • Also requires Photo Waiver signed
    • Return both forms by April 17th!

  • Pizza Party & Appapalooza Prep
    • Tuesday, May 1st & May 8th

  • Appapalooza
    • Saturday, May 12th, 1-4pm
    • Be at Mpls Convention Center at 12:00
    • All girls are signed up
    • Families register here

Cryptic Coders: Anushka, Shriya, Annu, Laney

App: Virtual Vault, a Cyber protection app that oversees a teen’s entire cyber profile through prevention, authentication and notifications with a goal of protecting your digital footprint.

Black Blitz: Taesun, Kim, Hanna, Amy, Tanisha

App: Boxed In. Do you have a mountain of boxes? Do you swim in a sea of boxes? BoxBox (or final name) helps you dispose of excess cardboard and helps the environment.

Pearson Field Trip, Tues March 6th

We had a great experience at Pearson Vue. What great people and corporate culture.

See more photos on our Photos page.

Our Season Schedule

  • We meet every Tuesday and Thursday, 3-5pm beginning Tuesday, January 9th.
    • Tuesdays are the lesson (attendance required)
    • Thursday is self-paced work (coding or other) - come to as many as you can or do work at home.
  • Let Mrs. DeHerder know ahead of tme if you will not be there
  • Please check our FRMS Technovation Calendar weekly (on this website) because changes may need to be made to accommodate our professional mentors.
  • If you aren’t attending our AppInventor coding sessions on Thursdays, you need to be doing those lessons on your own. They are all in the FRMS Coding Club Goole Classroom. Here are specific instructions. Talk to Mrs. D if you need help or more information.

US Bank Opportunity

What the app will do. How does the app meet the criteria as described in the U. S. Bank flyer? What UN Sustainable Development goal best matches the App description? Is there an API that U. S. Bank could provide that would help you in the development of your App (cannot be specific account information/data).

Link to more info: US Bank Opportunity Description