FRMS Girls Technovation Challenge

Girl’s Technovation Challenge – Coding Competition For Girls

Over the course of 12-weeks, teams of 5-7 girl’s (with a coach and adult mentors) will come up with an idea for a mobile app to better their community, design and code the app, write a business plan, and create a sales pitch video. Students present their app at a state competition at the Minneapolis Convention Center and submit materials to a global competition.

Current Announcements

Before Next Meeting:

  • Paper prototype the screen you were assigned (See white board photos below)
  • Code 4 Lesson: Mobile Features
    • Do this on your own. Try/test these features.

Next Technovation Tuesday: 2/21/17 @6:30

At Our Next Meeting (2/21/17) @6:30

Marketing 1 & Marketing 2

  • Identify our brand
  • Choose a color schemefor your brand
  • Create a logo for your brand
  • Our App Name

Code 3 Loops & Conditionals (if time permits)

Our Team Name: Five-Star Falcons

Our Chosen App: Total Family Med Tracker (or other name). This is an app for a family to track vaccinations, medications, vitamins, medical appointments for the whole family, including pets. The app would have be pre-programmed for standard vaccinations, the ability to add in new medications as they are prescribed, calendar, reminders, incentives for fulfilling and information about the medications, possible symptoms, possible allergies.

Stay Focuses on our Core Benefits & Features!