FRMS Girls Technovation Challenge

Girl’s Technovation Challenge – Coding Competition For Girls

Over the course of 12-weeks, teams of 5-7 girl’s (with a coach and adult mentors) will come up with an idea for a mobile app to better their community, design and code the app, write a business plan, and create a sales pitch video. Students present their app at a state competition at the Minneapolis Convention Center and submit materials to a global competition.

Five-Star Falcons: Current Announcements


On a job well done!

I've heard all great things about your performance at the 2017 Appapalooza and am so proud of you all. You created a useful app that was coded and pitched well. Thank you for all your time and hard work this season.

~Mrs. D

I was able to attend Appapalooza today and was so proud of the amazing job these wonderful talented girls did. They were confident, clear and knowledgeable. The new thing this year was judges asking questions and they asked some tough questions and the girls did a great job thinking on their feet and responding which is not easy. The final event and the award ceremony was bigger than all prior years and was great to be part of. Yes we did not get announced as one of the 9 teams called on stage although I thought the app had high chance of winning but that is the least important part. Each and everyone of them should feel

You should all feel like winners because you won experience, love of coding and technology and teamwork and from what I heard a desire to come back stronger next year !! There is nothing stopping you from writing more apps or enhancing this app so keep on going !!

~Shilpa Dutt

App Name: iHealth - Healthier & Happier

This is an app for a family to track vaccinations, medications, vitamins, medical appointments for the whole family, including pets. The app would have be pre-programmed for standard vaccinations, the ability to add in new medications as they are prescribed, calendar, reminders, incentives for fulfilling and information about the medications, possible symptoms, possible allergies.

Link to shared working folder

Icons For Our iHealth App: