FRMS Copy & Print Services

FRMS has access to many types of printer/copier equipment and services. The purpose of this web page is to provide staff with access and use instructions. Equipment available includes:

  • Multiple Black & White Printers
  • Color Printer (Office)
  • Poster Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scanners

Quick Links:

Making Digital Originals

If you are copying printed book pages, we encourage you to make digital originals (PDFs) on the Office Copier and email the PDF to yourself. They can then be stored electronically (for use later), uploaded to Schoology or printed. Please contact FRMS Tech Support if you need assistance.

Converting to MS Word

Can't find the original document? Need to edit? We have the ability to scan a document to pdf and convert it to MS Word. Email pdf to Cindy D. or

Downstairs Copy Room Services - Copy, Print, Posters, Lamination

With the addition of our new Xerox D110 Copier/Printer and the absence of a Copy Clerk, we have new guidelines and some awesome new features:

  • We’ve added the FRMS_Workroom_Xerox_D110 black and white printer to teacher laptops to provide functions like duplex, stapling, 3-hole punch and color paper! With these functions available to you, we hope to reduce the number of “bulk copy jobs”.
  • This machine is our primary copier so Cynthia Baker’s bulk copy jobs will take precedence. Print jobs will only print outside the “Bulk Copy Window”.
    • Bulk Copy Window is currently 6:30-10:00am M-F, so plan accordingly.
  • Because this Printer/Copier’s primary use to be printing and bulk copying, we are limiting staff copies to 30 pages per month. The office copier can also be used for copies and scanning.
  • Another goal is to get all your teaching material in electronic form so you can print it yourself and use in Schoology. If you need assistance with this, please contact Cindy or Erin.
  • View Xerox D110 Printing & Copying Guidelines & Instructions for more details.

Bulk Copy Hours:

  • M-F, 6:30am-10:00am - used for Bulk Copying
    • NOT available to staff during this time
  • Staff printing & copying available all other hours
  • Xerox Print Instructions

Printing (Requires employee ID)

Please only print to the Xerox D110 Printer when you need these options:

  • Duplex
  • Stapling
  • Three-hole Punch
  • Color Copies
  • High-volume printing

Note: Printing requires employee ID. Your print job will have a green banner sheet with your name.

Bulk Copies

Request copies by filling out form in Copy Room when you need:

  • Booklets
  • Multi-color Packets
  • Folded Copies
  • Inserts
  • Printable request form

Note: Request prior to date needed.

Xerox Printer Supplies & Service:

IMPORTANT! If you remove copies from the output tray while printer is in use, remove ALL papers and set (as is) on the counter. If a sensor causes printer to stop, it will clear after all papers have been removed.

Scanning & Copying

  • "Scanning to email" is available to create electronic files (print/save)
    • No scan to email limit
  • "Scanning to email" is also available on Office Copier
  • Staff copying is limited to 30 pages per month
  • Additional copies can be made on Office Copier


The lamination procedure remains the same.

  • Size Limit: 24 inches
  • Fill out a lamination request form
  • Clip it to the paper to be laminated


With no Copy Clerk, you'll need to create a printable pdf file for your own posters.

  • Size Limit: 48 inches
  • Create a printable pdf file for your poster (sized correctly)
  • Upload the poster pdf file to the Shared Poster Maker folder on the FRMS building shared drive
  • Email Cynthia Baker with file name and any other information
  • Poster Instructions & Guidelines

Main Office Services - Copy, Scan, Color Print

The office copier and office color printer are available for use. Office staff printing and copying will take priority.

Quick Links:


  • 100 copies per month per person
  • Office staff has priority


  • "Scanning to email" is available to create electronic pdf files
    • No scan to email limit
  • Select "ConvertToWord" in the address book to get it converted to MS Word

Color Printing

  • The Office Color printer should be available on all teacher laptops
  • If printer needs to be installed, contact FRMS Tech Support
  • Color toner is expensive, so please limit number of copies