6th Grade

FRMS 6th Grade

To make the transition to middle school easier, FRMS offers an August orientation event (Fall Rally), a student mentor program led by 8th graders (WEB Leaders) and convenient 6th grade class locations to building amenities. 6th grade core classes include English, Reading, Math, American Studies, Science and Physical Education. Students choose year-long electives in Band and Choir. Trimester-long electives include Art, Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) and Tech Ed. To further acclimate 6th graders, each student is assigned to a smaller learning community or house.

FRMS 6th Grade Teachers

To email your teacher, click on the teacher's name. Email addresses are firstname.lastnameATdistrict196.org.

Aeilts, Jessica - English, Language Arts, Reading

Altavilla, Robert - Phy Ed

Arrigo, Marci - Strategic Math

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x30628

Baumbauer, Sara - Band

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85341

Bell, Andy - Pre-Algebra, Coding

Bents, Patrick - Band

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x82154

Berdahl, Mara - Art

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85030

Bishop, Daniel - Science

  • VM: 651-683-6969

Blodgett, Michelle - FACS

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x83436

Boozell, Kari - English & Language Arts

Borgstrom, Cathy - Science

Butler, Karen - Math

Cress, Amy - Strategic Reading

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85542

Elder, Noelle - MN Studies & Reading

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85340

Eldred, Mark - Tech Ed

Gartner, Peggy - Math

Kemna, Jacob - Phy Ed

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85534

Last, Veronica - English, Language Arts, Reading

Michelson, Andrew - MN Studies, American Studies

Milne, Claire - English as a Second Language

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85303

Miller, Amy - MN Studies, American Studies

Riley, Drew - MN Studies, Reading, Guided Study

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85313

Skaar, Michael - Choir

Skaudis, Shari - Math, Reading, Science

Smith, Clarann - Phy Ed

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x82578

Storvick, Amy - Math, English, Communication Skills 1, Independent Life Skills

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x88602

Thurmer, Lauren - English, Language Arts, Reading

Zickrick, Sandra - English, Study Skills, Math, Independent Life Skills, Communication Skills 1

  • VM: 651-683-6969 x85337