Support Services

Support Services (call 651-683-6969, then select voicemail number below to leave a message)

Special Education

Karin Gunderson, DCD

VM 94733

Kristin Krych, DCD

VM 94761


VM 92498

Michelle Libin, OT

VM 94226


VM 92558

Allison Jankowski, Speech


Hannah Anderson, Resource

VM 94791


VM 94753

Sonia Christian, ECSE

VM 93734

Wendy Willaert, Dape

VM 95586

Special Ed Secretary

VM 94730

Title 1

Title One is a federally funded program whose purpose is to improve achievement in the basic skills of reading and help students succeed in the regular classroom. All of Echo Park's Title One teachers are certified teachers.

Students in kindergarten through grade five are eligible for these programs. Student selection is based on reading or writing assessments, and teacher recommendations.

Students who qualify for these services receive additional instruction in reading or writing. Some may receive help in both areas. This service is either provided to a small group outside the classroom or to an individual student/small group in the regular classroom. Students do not miss special classes such as music, physical education, library, or art. Most students will get Title One instruction five days a week. Students are re-evaluated throughout the year and may exit service if adequate progress has been made.

Parents are an important part of the Title One team and their involvement with their child's education can be a key to their success.

Parent Involvement Policy

Joy Englund

VM 94715

Barb Baldwin

VM 94740

Tara Opsahl

VM 94375

English Learners (EL)

The English Learner Program (EL) at Echo Park provides instruction and support to students who are learning English. The focus of language instruction for students centers around reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. At Echo Park, we welcome the diversity and value the unique language experience our EL students bring to our school. The first languages of our English Learners include Amharic, Cambodian, Hmong, Spanish, Somali, Swahili, Vietnamese, and many more.

Students in our EL program come with their own individual abilities. The goal of our program is to help students reach their full potential. We encourage parents to continue reading and supporting their child’s first language skills at home, as first language literacy helps build and deepen English language literacy.

If you have any questions about our EL program, or about ways to support your child at home, please call, email, or visit us.

Megan Morin

VM 94750

VM 94704

VM 92407

Angie Martin

VM 95480

VM 94867

VM 94863

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a short-term early intervention that provides extra help for students who are having some difficulty learning to read and write. Although it was first developed in New Zealand, Reading Recovery has been successfully adapted and tested for more than twenty years in the United States. During this time it has won the support of parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, and legislators. Research studies document its effectiveness with over one million students in urban, rural, and suburban settings.

District 196 - Reading Recovery

Math Recovery

Math Recovery is a program designed to help insure that all students will be successful in math. The goal is to help students advance to the level at which they can successfully learn with their peers. Number and number relations that can seem obvious to adults may not seem so for children. Children's understanding can vary greatly from the adult's knowledge. The development of this knowledge does not come from telling, but rather through the child's personal construction of the knowledge. Children must have personal experiences to learn and relate various forms of number. Math Recovery has its focus in the number operation and concept strand of math and its emphasis on assessment and intervention. Topics addressed are: Forward Number Word Sequences, Backward Number Word Sequences, Numeral Identification, Number Structures, Addition/Subtraction Strategies and Multiplication/Division Strategies.

Debbie Goldenberg

Math Interventionist

VM 94776

Aubrey Auel

Math Recovery Intervention Specialist

VM 94917

Megan Donley

STEM Coach

VM 94710

Jill Thomas

Math Recovery Intervention Specialist, District K-5 Math Coach

VM 93736

Tier 3 Lead Teacher / MTSS Lead/Coach

Teri Townsend,

Tier 3

VM 93202

Leighera Leffin,


VM 94762

Katy Mullen


VM 92825

Gifted and Talented and Young Scholars

Cultural Liasons


Clerical Support

Lynn Gorton, Library

VM 94716

Lila Jamison, Workroom

Sandy Keller, Workroom

Angie Crane, Workroom

Troy Fee, Technology

VM 94783


Food Services

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