Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current enrollment at East Lake Elementary? (as of February 23, 2017)

Kindergarten: 105 Students (5 classrooms)

Grade 1: 75 Students (3 or 4 classrooms)

Grade 2: 61 Students (3 classrooms)

Grade 3: 67 Students (3 classrooms)

Grade 4: 57 Students (2 classrooms)

Grade 5: 57 Students (2 classrooms)

TOTAL: 422 Students

Will there be a Connections Preschool at East Lake Elementary?

East Lake Elementary will have a Connections Preschool!

The times for East Lake Elementary are as follows:

  • Mornings: 9:25-11:55 a.m.

~ (Days offered: M-F)

  • Afternoons: 1:15-3:45 p.m.

~ (Days offered: M-F)

Tuition: $210.00 per month

Preschool for Fours: Preschool for Fours is a nine month program that gives students the opportunity to play with other children while learning important prekindergarten skills. The preschool curriculum is aligned with School District 196’s K-12 learning standards. Beginning math, reading and writing skills are introduced. All teachers are fully licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education in Early Childhood Education. Check the link about the preschool four program.

• Children must live in School District 196

• Children must be four years old by September 1, 2017 and not be eligible for kindergarten.

• Children will be placed in the closest school to their home address unless alternate placement is requested.

• Tuition assistance available.

• Visit for more information.

• Questions? Call 952-388-1960 or email

Will East Lake Elementary have after school day care?

Yes! Before and after school care will be available at East Lake Elementary. Registration information will be available via the YMCA mid to late April. For more information about SAC, families can go to the following link:

Will East Lake Elementary have a mascot and school colors?

During the first months of school, the students will select a mascot and school colors for East Lake Elementary.

If I live north of 160th, will my child receive bus service?

It all depends on the location of your house. The district will be determining which houses will receive bus service and which houses will be expected to walk to school (withing a mile of the school).

The underpass that goes underneath 160th, is considered a safe route and will have proper lighting for students. It will be plowed over the winter months.

Will there be a chaperone / walking patrol monitoring the underpass?

The school is planning to have some type of supervision in place near the underpass to monitor student safety.

Will there be a traffic control signal at the intersection of Diamond Path and 160th (current entrance to East Lake)?

Currently, we are not aware of any signal being placed at the intersection.

The Dakota County Transportation Department determines if a traffic control signal should be installed. There would need to be an engineering study to measure traffic flow in determining placement of a traffic control signal. There is additional information on the Dakota County website on installing traffic control signals.

When will classroom teachers be announced to the public?

Currently we are in the process of selecting the East Lake staff. As of March 10, 2017 we have 15 staff members selected. Once the majority of staff have been selected, we will post names on the East Lake website. In April, many positions will be posted for outside District 196 candidates. Positions will continue to be posted throughout the summer months as well. If you are interested in applying for positions at East Lake Elementary, you can find all posted positions at the District 196 website under, "Employment".

How will classlists be determined for the fall of 2017?

Every effort will be made to balance the classrooms by gender, ability, etc. There will also be efforts made to ensure there will be students from each of the five elementary schools (Diamond Path, Highland, Parkview, Rosemount and Shannon Park Elementary Schools) in each classroom.