Spanish Language

SPANISH Language at Diamond Path


Spanish is one of two languages offered at Diamond Path School of International Studies. Students in grade levels 1-5 average 90 minutes a week in Spanish, and 30 minutes a week in Kindergarten. The goal in Spanish is to promote the importance of learning a world language within a meaningful and authentic context.

The language program focuses on all four language areas: speaking, reading, listening and writing. Classes will be conducted in the target language consistently for instruction and, during the year, students will experience authentic social and cultural situations, art, music, games, and stories. Older students will have numerous opportunities to improve their language skills outside of class.

The ability to speak another language allows truly unique opportunities to experience other cultures and see other ways of life. Our goal in Diamond Path is to provide the language ability that will allow those perspective changes in all of our students for the rest of their lives.

Mrs. Jensen