Very often parents and students have questions about Dakota Ridge. Listed below are some typical questions and their answers.

Can students participate in extra-curricular activities?

Dakota Ridge students are able to participate in extra-curricular activities at their home school. A bus will take the student to the home school in time to participate.

How does transportation work?

Curb to curb transportation will be provided by District 196. The transportation department will contact parents/guardians with pick-up and drop-off information.

How are students grouped into classrooms?

Classroom assignment is decided collaboratively between administration and the IEP team based on classroom availability, general age ranges (classes all have mixed grades), and the level of adult support needed.

What school calendar do you follow?

Dakota Ridge follows the ISD 196 Elementary Calendar. We will provide the Dakota Ridge calendar in the mailing sent prior to school or at the intake meeting.

Do you follow district curriculum?

We do teach the district curriculum and standards. Remember, curriculum will be adapted to the needs of our students. Do students transition out of Dakota Ridge?

Each student's educational journey is unique. Some students find that the smaller setting, increased staffing, and familiarity of Dakota Ridge provides the most appropriate environment for educational progress. However, many students and educational teams pursue reintegrating into a less restrictive setting within the district or the student's home district. Transitions are individualized, but are typically graduated (start with adding 1-2 classes at a less restrictive setting). Some students eventually make a full transition back to a less restrictive setting. Decisions are made by the IEP team in the best interest of each student standards. Remember, curriculum will be adapted to the needs of our students.

If you have other questions, please call us at Dakota Ridge at 952-423-7619.