Exploratory Sessions

OCTOBER 2018 Opportunities

Oct 17 Exploratory Sessions Pictures

October Exploratory Sessions were a BLAST!

Have you ever wondered what the teachers here at BHMS do in their spare time? They like some pretty cool things and would enjoy sharing them with you during our Exploratory Sessions.

You will spend part of the afternoon on Wednesday, October 17 being involved in some of these activities. Please view the Exploratory Session 1 Presentation to see what is being offered. Depending on whether the session is 40 or 80 minutes, you will get to participate in either 1 or 2. After viewing the Presentation, take time to complete the Exploratory Session 1 Google Form, where you will be choosing your top 3. Be sure to fill in all of the required information on the Google Form by Friday, October 5.

Exploratory Options, Session 1