7th Grade Food Drive

February 26 - March 7, 2019

2019 7thgrade Food Drive

2019 Seventh Grade Food Drive a Huge Success!

For 14 days, seventh grade students brought in food and other items to support the Open Door Pantry, an organization in Eagan that provides food for families in need. Jason, from Open Door kicked off the event on February 26, encouraging students to participate because they’re supporting their own community. He also highlighted the mission behind the organization and that providing nutritious food to people is important; this is why specific kinds of food are asked for by the Open Door Pantry.

From day one of the drive, students donated items, which were brought to their Panther Teachers and counted for points. It was a competition between homerooms, and every group participated in some way. Items that were donated include: 55 breakfast items, 49 bottles of 100% juice, 19 jars of creamy peanut butter, 93 jars of crunchy peanut butter, 266 diapers, 510 rolls of toilet paper, 87 bars of soap, 42 baking items, 28 condiment items, 107 packages of pasta, 38 packages of rice/beans, 169 cans of tuna, 282 cans of vegetables/fruits/soups, 23 containers of laundry detergent/dish soap, 76 bottles of shampoo/body wash, 52 tubes of toothpaste, 26 toothbrushes, and 41 containers of deodorant/shaving cream.

A total of 6,449 points of food was collected for the drive. Congratulations and good job!

The top three Panther Times with the most points are:

Ms. LaBahn: 1,031 points

  1. Ms. Schendel: 855 points
  2. Mr. McDonald: 802 points

When Jason returned on March 13 to be presented with the donations, he was overwhelmed and thanked the seventh grade Black Hawk students and staff for their efforts and contributions. He is proud to work with us, and we appreciate everything Jason does for our community. Later that day, seventh grade teachers had the opportunity to deliver the food to the Open Door Pantry. I think that most of them would agree that it is an honor to get our students involved in positive things and to show them how they can truly make a difference.