2019-20 Schedule Change Request FOrms

Schedule change request forms are accepted from May 14-May 22. After that, Schedule change requests are no longer accepted.

*Please note -- some schedules will change as we balance classes and adjust accordingly!

1. Review all of the below guidelines and instructions below before requesting adjustments.

2. To make a request that follows the stated guidelines, select the appropriate counselor link below.

3. All schedule change requests must be submitted to the appropriate counselor prior to the 5th day of the trimester. Schedule changes may be subject to parent approval, administrative approval and class availability, without exceeding maximum class size.

**NOTE: Courses will be changed ONLY if there is an obvious error on your schedule, for sound educational reasons or to drop a course for a study hall.

Schedule changes will be considered for the following reasons:

· Seniors who need a course to fulfill a graduation requirement

· Students would like to opt into a more appropriate level of the course

· Students who have not met the required prerequisites to be in the course

· A clear error has been made (same class twice, wrong grade level, etc…)

· A special services need is required (SPED/EL/504 Plan)

Schedule changes will NOT be made for the following reasons:

· Requests for a class to be a specific hour (*This includes moving a study hall to a specific period)

· Requests for a specific teacher

· Requests to change an elective course

· Requested change would exceed class size capacity

Click on your counselor's name to fill out a schedule change request:

Last name A - GR Ms. Gustafson

Last name GU - NA Ms. Fogolin

Last name NB - Z Ms. Ellen Perkins

All AVID students Ms. Schmidt

All E3 STEM students Mr. Don Perkins