Summer Learning

Eagle Academy Credit Recovery Summer School Session


Session 1: Math & Science (20 seat hours + 16 on line hours = 36 hours)

Monday – Friday June 19-23

Block 1: 8-10

Block 2: 10:15-12:15

Monday – Friday June 26 – June 30

Block 1: 8-10

Block 2: 10:15-12:15

No School the week of July 3-7

Session 2: English & SS (20 seat hours + 16 on line hours = 36 hours)

Monday – Friday July 10-14

Block 1: 8-10

Block 2: 10:15-12:15

Monday – Friday July 17-21

Block 1: 8-10

Block 2: 10:15-12:15

What is Eagle Academy Credit Recovery?

AVHS Eagle Academy Credit Recovery is for students currently enrolled in grades 9-12; students are able to recover credit from previously failed core content area courses: math, science, English, social studies and PE/Health (summer session only).

Students are expected to complete work both in and outside of the classroom in an online format. Teachers facilitate independent self-paced student learning. Three sessions of credit recovery are offered: winter, spring, and summer.

General Information

Students who have failed a content area class, complete the corresponding credit recovery course(s), and pass the course(s) with 60% or better will earn a credit and a “P” on their transcript.

Students may take up to 2 classes in a given session of Eagle Academy Credit Recovery during winter and spring session. Students will either earn a “P” (pass) grade or a “NG” (no grade) mark on their transcript. Eagle Academy Credit Recovery does not have an appeals process.


Courses will be held after school from 2:30-4:00 pm Monday-Thursday. Students attend “in person” instructional days (for example: Monday: Social Studies, Tuesday: math, Wednesday: science, and Thursday: English) as prescribed by the school. The other days students will be required to do “online” work, which may take place at AVHS or online at home. While work will be done at school and home, the final MUST be taken in person by the last day of the course.


Attendance & Workload

Students should attend all face-to-face sessions and must complete work outside of these sessions in order to successfully complete the course. Students are able to access to the courses online and are able to communicate with their teacher via email. Students may work both in and outside of class and as a result might not need to attend ALL sessions if they work through the material quickly. However, students must take the final exam in person.

Each course consists of multiple units with a short quiz at the end and each

unit must be passed with 60% or better. Students are required to take a final exam at the end of the course in person which they must pass with 60% or better. Students are encouraged to take notes, use the textbook, and any materials they may have saved from their first attempt at taking the course. Each student will have the opportunity to retake a failed exam ONCE. If a student fails again they will be removed from the course and earn NG (no grade). They may take the course again in its entirety.

Computer Lab:

The computers in the media center are available before school (starting at 7AM) and after school (until 4PM).

Behavior Expectations:

No eating, drinking, game playing or “surfing” will be allowed in the computer lab. Any referral for inappropriate behavior can result in removal from the course. All AVHS policies will be enforced.


On-line registration opens the first week of the new trimester (December T2, March T3) or mid May for summer school registration.

All courses must have final approval of counselor.

Students can only register for classes they have failed.

All regular school rules are in effect during Eagle Academy Credit Recovery hours.

General Questions?

Contact: Anne Liebeck, Administrator

What should my son or daughter register for?


Michelle Gustafson A-ER

Val Fogolin Es-Lau

Ellen Perkins Lav-Re

Scottie Osthus Rf-Z