The visual arts program provides a journey of artistic discovery for creative self-expression and personal fulfillment and for developing right brain functions considered essential for tomorrow’s leaders, inventors, thinkers, and artists. The program also provides important preparation for future success in an information society that emphasizes visual imagery for communication. Study in the visual arts begins with two trimesters of exploratory art experiences followed by 9 one-trimester courses of in-depth study in Digital Art and Animation, Ceramics, Drawing, Creative Dimensions, Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Further advanced study is available in all areas with two additional levels of study offered.

Also available for the seriously interested college bound art student is advanced placement college credit through enrollment in Portfolio on an instructor permission basis.

All students entering the AVHS Visual Arts Program for the first time and who have not completed an equivalent course begin with enrollment in one of our two Introductory Survey Art classes. Those art students wishing to enter two-dimensional in-depth study areas (Illustration, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Creative Dimensions and Photography) enroll in Introduction to 2-D Art.

Those art students wishing to enter three-dimensional in-depth study areas (Ceramics, Jewelry, Creative Dimensions and Sculpture) enroll in Introduction 3-D Survey Art. The Introductory 2-D Art and 3-D Art classes are the foundation art courses that provide opportunity to meet the needs of both the generally interested student and the student interested in in-depth study. They offer interest exploration in a broad range of media contributing to student creativity, perceptual awareness, non-verbal communication skills, and cultural appreciation.

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