Battle of the Books

Sponsored by the Paulding County Carnegie Library, Battle of the Books is an annual reading competition for fifth and sixth graders in the county.

2018-2019 Information

  • Anyone (5th or 6th grade) who wants to participate in Battle of the Books must meet the first goal of reading 3 books by November 30th. Only 1 of those books can be 2 AR points or less. If you don’t meet this goal, you cannot be in Battle of the Books.
  • We will not choose teams until after November 30th. However, if you have a general idea of who will be on your team, make sure you are not reading the same books for the first goal.
  • We will use AR quizzes to determine if you have read a book. Talk to Mrs. Bagley if a book does not have an AR quiz. You must score at least an 80% on AR quizzes for them to count for your goals. Remember, this is a reading competition, so it is very important that you read for detail and complete comprehension.
  • It is highly encouraged that you write 10 questions and answers for every book you read so your team can be better prepared for the competition. Put those questions in your team's binder on the Battle of the Books shelf in the library.
  • Once teams are determined, a list of each team's books will be kept on a clipboard by the Battle of the Books books. Write your name beside books that you are reading, and put a checkmark beside book titles when finished. Make sure you consult this list before you choose your books so your team has a better chance of reading all of the books on the list.
  • If you reach the goal of reading 10 books by March 1st, there will be a special reward trip! Only 3 of those 10 books can be 2 AR points or less.
  • The winning team from our school will also earn a free meal at Dairy Queen the day of the county competition!
2018-2019 List.docx

2018-2019 Book List

2018 Revised Rules for BOB.pdf

Revised Rules