Summer Reading


Incoming Seventh Graders -

This year, all incoming seventh graders will be required to read No Summit out of Sight: The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits by Jordan Romero (with Linda LeBlanc.)

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100+ Books to Read in Middle School

Incoming Eighth Graders -

The 8th grade students will read three books of their choice for the summer from the AMHS 100+ Middle School Suggested Reading List provided on the AMHS Library website. Please read a variety of books and authors since there are many to choose from such as graphic novels, audio books, mysteries, fiction, nonfiction, etc. Select books you will enjoy and have your parents sign off that you have read them. Return this reading log on the first day of school to Ms. Conrad, your ELA teacher.

100+ Books to Read in Middle School

Free e-Books & Audiobooks with your AMHS library card-

The 100+ Booklist on Goodreads

Incoming Freshmen -

College English 9

All readings and assignments can be found in your summer reading packet.

Honors English 9

All readings and assignments can be found in your summer reading packet.

Incoming Sophomores -

Sophomore Summer Reading

Additional assignment for Honors Sophmores:

And Then There Were None by Agatha Cristie

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Incoming Juniors

Grade 11 American Literature - Independent Reading Journal Prompts

AP Language and Composition - All readings and assignments can be found in your summer packet.

AP Biology

AP Biology Assignments found here

Many of the books you must read are available electronically, for free through our e-book program:

Baker & Taylor includes popular fiction and recently published nonfiction ebooks that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet,

To go directly to Baker & Taylor, click on the following link:

Go to the App Zone to download the correct app for your device.

To log into your Baker & Taylor account you will need your library card number and pin number. You should enter the following:

Your prefix is 2096300000 (yes, that's five zeros) then your four digit library card #

Your password is the same password we use for our library accounts, masscat

Email Mrs. London with questions

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Why read during the summer?

? Researchers have proven that reading increases vocabulary and that reading and writing skills are inextricably connected to each other. (If you're not sure what inextricably means, you should read more)

? Good writers are good readers. Written and oral communication is most effective when you have a command of language and a broad vocabulary; reading gives you exposure to descriptive and rich vocabulary used in well-written and powerful phrases and sentences.

? The accuracy and effectiveness of your communication is determined by your ability to read critically.

? Reading can be one of the most satisfying and personal life-long habits you will ever develop.

? Reading gives you knowledge and knowledge is power.