Awards & Publications


2010 Proud Partners Award: Buffalo Bend Nature Park, Keep Houston Beautiful

2008 Proud Partners Award, City of Houston Partnership Development of the Clean & Green Program, Keep Houston Beautiful

2007 Proud Partners Award: Community Development Partnership, Adopt-a-Spot Buffalo Bayou Partnership Restoration Program, Keep Houston Beautiful

2006 Proud Partners Award, Tapley Tributary Restoration, Keep Houston Beautiful


Stakeholder Group: Buffalo Bayou & Lower White Oak Bayou Federal Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Study


Great Small Trees for Houston Publication, sponsored by the Garden Club of Houston with contributing partners: Mickey Merritt, Texas Forest Service Kevin Shanley, SWA Group Flo Hannah & WInnie Burkett, Houston Audubon Society and many other invaluble community and agency partners

Buffalo Bayou Park, Vegetation Management Plan , Funded with the Terry Hershey Foundation Grant The Plan identified, documented and mapped the remnant patches and linear riparian natural resources within the Park. Using the data each habitat patch was designed to preserve and or restore the existing habitat, and ecologically designed to increase its size, habitat value and carrying capacity, ultimately a broader self regulating area. Following the planting plan with spp, size and counts, a maintenance and management program was developed specific to each site.