Diplomacy & Development

It's time to reflect! Please complete this assignment reflection form. We are counting on your insights and suggestions to improve the project.

All assignments are due at the end of class on Tuesday. You will submit the link to the final, published version of your website by using the "Submit your Assignment Here" button below.

Before you submit:

  • Double check you have completed all of the items from the Grading Rubric.
  • Does your website contain answers to all of the Travel Template questions?
  • Remember to share the "Published" link to your website (it should not end with the word 'edit')
  • Be sure your website includes your MyMap and your bibliography.
  • You may not make any changes to your website, MyMap or bibliography after submission. Changes after submission can be tracked and you will have points deducted as with any other late assignment.

The Diplomacy & Development project is a 7th grade research project where you will show what you have learned this year about sustainable development around the world. You will conduct research on a developing country, create a Google Site and custom map to present that research, and document your information sources with a complete, formatted bibliography.

  • If you use your time wisely, most of the work for this project can be done in class. An important part of this project is learning how to set reasonable goals for the work periods and how to seek help and support when you need it.
  • Most of the class work periods will be in the Ansin Information Center.
  • The final due date for the whole project will be Tuesday, April 23rd at the end of your class period. There may be smaller assignments or check-ins during the project as needed.
  • This website is the main source of information for the project, but please see Mr. Goodwin or Mrs. Wong if you have any questions.

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