Tales2Go Audiobooks

New Audiobook Resource

Tales2Go audiobooks gives students access to over 8,000 titles they can listen to at school or at home.

There is no waiting! Multiple students can listen to the same title at the same time.

Audiobooks can be played on any device on the school network. Students can "Bookmark" their place using their personal ID and password, and continue listening at home.

Each student may access Tales2Go on one device at home - during the school year and through the summer.

Access Tales2Go from School - This link only works from devices on the school network.

How to access Tales2Go from Home - Use this link and Login under the "Schools and Students" option.

Each student received a letter that included their login ID and password (sample letter below). If you did not receive yours, or if it was misplaced, please check-in with Mrs. Wong or your classroom teacher for login information.

This is the sample letter you should have received via backpack.

This Tales2Go video covers how to access the audiobooks from a device at home.

Login Guide.pdf