Biography Project

Assignment Information

Now that it’s Spring, it’s time to start thinking about our Second Grade Biography Project- a favorite every year.

On this project site you can find some resources to help you choose as the subject of your project. The Applewild Library has age-appropriate resources on many of the famous figures on the list, as well as books in my classroom to use. If there is someone that is not listed that you are interested in studying, your choice MUST BE APPROVED BY ME. No current or contemporary athletic figures will be allowed for this project. Many of them are certainly important to our culture, but enough is heard about them in the mainstream media and your choice should be someone less visible.

Please note that 3 resources will be required, so make sure the person you select is widely enough known for you to be able to find information about them. Both Mrs. Wong and myself will help with the gathering of resources here at school and Mrs. Lent and I will be assisting the students in gathering information using graphic organizers.

Please make your selection no later than Friday, April 12 and present your choice in writing to me (download the sheet below if you like). Assignments will be made on a first-come basis, so the earlier, the better. In order for me to have a wide selection of characters, there may be no duplicates. Please have a back-up selection in case your first choice has already been assigned. More information will come home soon!

Thank you,

Mrs. Grzewinski

2019 Biography Project Request form

Looking for ideas?

There are so many wonderful lives to dive into - how do you choose? Click the image on the left to see a small sample of titles from the LS Biography section.

(Please excuse the image quality on some of the older titles)

Don't see one you like in the slideshow? Search the rest of our catalog HERE. Just remember, Marshall Library books all have a call number that starts with a letter "j". The other books are in Ansin.

Research Resources

Here are some websites for you to use in your research. Please start with these sites, as we know they are safe and accurate.

Britannica offers encyclopedia entries, images, and other biography- related materials for students of all ages. Most second graders can fluently read the Elementary level independently. The middle level entries have additional information, but may require some adult help to read them.

SweetSearch is a search engine just for kids, and they have a whole site dedicated to biographies!

This page has lots of great biographies of presidents, inventors, world leaders, explorers, scientists, and much more!