Super Small Blacks

Super Small Blacks

we have tidied up the shed and we have done it

The overall learning goal is :

– To develop life-long learners

Supporting goals

Manaakitanga - Managing Self

* to grow students who are confident, enthusiastic, and empowered

* to relate to others and work with others in a positive way.

* to develop communication skills; including questioning, listening and discussion.

* to develop skills in problem solving and resilience within a range of situations.

Whanaungatanga - Relating to Others

* to develop a strong school culture and school spirit.

* to develop leadership skills and responsibility .

* to foster a Tuakana / Teina relationship.

* to be an actively engaged group member; take responsibility for a role within a group.

* to develop cooperative and collaborative skills.


* to develop curious, creative and critical thinkers

* to grow reflective, actively involved learners

* to develop inquiry skills

These whanau groups are our organisational framework for Ako (teaching and learning) in all curriculum areas and participating and contributing in a wider environment/community.

e.g. education outside the classroom, school responsibilities, inquiry and action learning, technology such as healthy food challenges and sustainable enterprises.

August 2018. Native Area. We were planting new plants and also taking out the weeds and we also picked up some branches and It was fun because we all did It all together so It made It more faster but It was still fun. Renee.