My Maori Story.

Tane and the Taiaha.

One day Tane was exploring a cave near his village, when he saw a sprinkle of light that led him to a mysterious box. He ran his fingers over the box and saw that it was engraved with the symbol of Ranginui (Sky Father). Slowly he opened the magnificent box and inside was... a beautiful Taiaha! It was carved from sacred Pounamu (Greenstone) and adorned with feathers of a Kaka and hair from a kuru (dog).

Tane carefully picked up the Taiaha and noticed it was carved in very small writing ‘ A gift from The Gods ’. Tane jumped up and down with excitement, he was so happy with his new taonga (treasure). He grabbed the Taiaha, now it was locked into his sweaty hand. He ran back to his village marae and proudly showed it off to all his fellow villagers.

When Tane’s brother Whiro heard that Tane had found a precious Taiaha he became very jealous. He took off at lightning speed and shot for the trees where he knew he would find Tane.

The two brothers began to argue over who should have the Taiaha. Whiro believed he should have it as he was the oldest brother. All the villagers came running to try and break up the argument but soon all the villagers were trying to take the Taiaha for themselves.

The fighting became so fierce it interrupted the peace of Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) who began to tremble and shake. Tane, Whiro and the villagers were so busy fighting they did not notice.

By this time Ranginui (Sky Father) had seen what was happening. He called to his son, Tawhiri (God of weather) to go and stop the fighting.

Ranginui had given the sacred Taiaha to Papatuanuku as a symbol of his aroha (love) and ordered Tawhiri to return the taonga to the cave where Tane had found it.

Tane, Whiro and the villagers suddenly realised that a terrible storm was upon them. Tawhiri created a whirlwind around them and sucked them all up. He blew them all down in to the cave with such force that the Taiaha pierced the rock and each of them blasted into a tunnel inside the cave.

We can now see their startled eyes twinkling today inside what we call … The Waitomo Caves.

My Ski Trip Adventure.

Sarah McCarroll - Ski Trip Cameo - Share you skiing experience.
Yr 7 swim with the sharks

School detention! Stomp style

We got inspired by stomp and we thought we would do something like it but school style.

We are very pleased with what we have picked to do.

The show is about us making music with the things we find in our desks. It's a very complicated rhythm to keep in time. We have practised our rhythms a lot over the last few weeks. We are hoping we will do great.

By Phinece,Sarah,Johnny.