Copy of Forest Fires Enivro issue (1)


The Apiti Show

I made a waka. I painted a painting of dream car story photo.+09

I have moved to the Senior Room now. Most of my daily writing will be in google docs in our google classroom.


My Camp Cameo

Statue. I saw the army statue. It looked cold and sad. It had an army uniform on which was greeny brown ln war. It looked real. I felt scared when I looked at it.


I went see the cat at the vet


We went to the vet. I saw the cats and dog van before we went to the Christmas parade.

My words - two the van dog RUG VET


I was going to go Tracey's home to see Abigail get dunked


I went home to see what is in a bottle. It was a pirateship.

My DAD is going to the L and P show with me.

Mum and Ava and Dad went look at the run to the Halloween train.


I am going away to my other home in town.

I am going in the car .