This is both of my things that are my art from this year

Aimee Carter-Living Creature-Report Writing -Emperor Penguins

Living Creature - this is my report of my Emperor Penguin have a look

Cameo Photo From Aimee

Hawkes Bay - These are the places we went to when we went to Hawkes Bay it was very fun I wanted to live their for the rest of my life that is how fun it is in Hawkes Bay plus we went to the Faraday Center and the SPA it was fun

My Science Board - Is this amazing but it is poor that one of the plants died I learnt a lesson NEVER EVER PLANT IN THE WINTER again

Cross Country - Hi I am Aimee I am running very fast in this picture Savannah is nearly catching up to me I came 12th place Savannah would of catch up to me because she came 13th lucky I escaped from Savannah

Speech - This is my speech that was done in 2018

YAY! It is Skiing today and I have been waiting for this,for so long.Bently woke up me up I said,“Hold on! Let me open my eyes!” Then I reluctantly opened them to face the glaring light. I got down quickly from my bunk bed. Excitedly, I got my wet weather gear on and went down the hallway into the lounge. My breakfast consisted of Weet-Bix which I ate in about 1 minute. I waited and waited so long (for Julie to arrive…….). Finally, they got to Ava’s house. As I was waiting for Julie to arrive Ava called me out to come. When I jumped in the vehicle it was very HOT and I said bye to Mell and Dad. Then we were off, ready for a two hour trip all the way to Ohakune. Later on Julie and a friend were talking about tap that was a bit weird, Abbey and I thought. Well it was a bit odd and funny! Later on we were kinda close to the mountain when Abbey spewed but luckily there was a sick bag in the car. Phew! because I was right next to her. I kindly asked, if she was all right and she replied, “Yup!” Well let’s not talk about that o.k.?” ZzzZZzz... oh where was I? Oh yes, later on we finally got to the mountain. I got everything out of the vehicle and it was freezing like you just went into the North Pole. Brrr! well I got over it and we all went into a kind of cabin where it was so warm. After that we all got our skis and boots and we went out on the ski field. Then I reached Mrs Cuming where she was just sitting on a bench by the cafe. I got my card to go on fun things like the Magic Carpet in the Alpine Meadow . I had an amazing time at the marvelous mountain and the view was spectacular. I could see everything from where we were eating our morning tea. There was a huge crowd of people at the mountain. People were there and here - all over the place. The mountain was packed with people and finally our skiing lesson began. Our group was all about fun. But first we went down to the Alpine Meadow where there wasn't many people but we had a big group of ten people. It took a very long time for the lesson to finish. I was cold to the bone so then I went in the nice toastie Cafe. Mrs Cuming lead us to a table and we devoured our hot food which was a yummy delicious burger. I was enjoying my nice warm milk and luckily I got two cartons full. With the crowd of people in the cafe, it was very noisy so when we finished we went outside and had another fun lesson. It was very easy to do the turning and stopping and all of that. I didn't even fall over, well actually I nearly fell off twice and we were very good with no poles as we did not need poles for our amazing group.I had lots of fun at Mt Ruapehu and I hope everyone at our school liked it. I learnt how to climb up the mountain with skis on which is very simple don't point down the mountain, and then face skis sideways.

Later I went home in the Mannings car and we had McDonald's Happy Meals which is a burger and fries with a drink. I liked it at Mt Ruapehu where it is the most amazing mountain on earth.

This is my Ski Trip I did in 2018 it was fun but it was not fun when I got cold at all I went on Skis

This is my ski trip but it looks like it is in the Newspaper but it is not in the Newspaper