APICS Seminars take the form of Principles Workshops and Instructor Development Courses

Principles Series

Principles of Inventory Management

The Principles of Inventory Management provides a functional knowledge and understanding of inventory and purchasing management principles, roles and responsibilities, and techniques.

Principles of Operations Planning

The Principles of Operations Planning course imparts a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basic inventory planning principles and techniques that are used at each level in the planning process, from strategic to tactical.

The Principles of Manufacturing Management

The Principles of Manufacturing Management provides an introduction to manufacturing management core concepts and activities related to production planning, scheduling and process control.

Principles of Distribution and Logistics

The Principles of Distribution and Logistics introduces the foundations and operations of supply channel inventory, warehousing and transportation operations.

Principles of Managing Operations

The Principles of Managing Operations introduces the fundamentals of operational process design, quality and organizational management and performance.

Principles of Risk Management

The world of supply chain is complex and ever-changing. Organizations must be careful or they may leave their supply chains vulnerable to a series of risks. The APICS Supply Chain Risk Management seminar provides participants with a glimpse of the global supply chain risk landscape. Definitions of risk management and new techniques and tactics to mitigate risk will be discussed, along with profiles of early adopters of risk management.

Principles of Sales and Operations Planning

In today’s complex marketplace, effective planning and performance metrics are critical for success. A successful S&OP process integrates financial, marketing and operational planning to create over-arching strategic plans for the business. APICS provides forward-looking programs that will prepare you to collaboratively participate in the S&OP process

Instructor Development

The APICS Train The Trainer (TTT) two-day interactive course prepares supply chain and operations management professionals to teach adult training and APICS instructor development courses.

The APICS Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI) two-day course examines the dynamics of the classroom and describes techniques to maximize learning. This course builds on the foundation developed in the prerequisite Train The Trainer (TTT) course.

The APICS Applied Instructor Skills (AIS) one-day course is an advanced instructor skills class designed to provide the instructor-learner with a wide variety of instructional techniques. This course builds on the foundation developed in the prerequisite APICS Train the Trainer (TTT) and Learning Dynamics for Instructor (LDI) courses.

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