About Us

A little bit about us

The Akron-Princeville Fire Protection District is located in Princeville, IL. We service the Akron and Princeville townships, which include the towns of Princeville, Monica, and Edelstein. Our district consists of approximately 78 square miles in Northwest Peoria County. We currently have one fire station which houses 3 Engines, 1 Rescue Squad, 2 Brush Trucks, and 1 Tanker.

Is it APFD or APFPD? It can be confusing, as we go by two different names, so let us settle this for you.

Akron-Princeville Fire Protection District (APFPD) is the main organization that our firefighters are all members of and it is also the governmental taxing entity that funds all the purchases and expenses needed to protect the community.

Akron-Princeville Fire Department (APFD) is the common name that our organization is usually referred to as, but it's more than that. APFD is a non-profit 501c corporation that was formed to collect charitable donations, to help offset the financial burden placed on the taxpayers in the community. APFD does not have any members, only a board that is comprised of the officers of the fire district.