Saving energy one removable insulation cover at a time!

Apex Energy & Environmental Products, Inc. custom manufactures high-quality removable insulation covers for commercial and industrial, mechanical piping and equipment in our Farmington Hills, Michigan fabrication facility.


Detailed Dimensions verified by field measurement for accuracy and designed accordingly.

Sewn & Hand Assembled

Expertly finished with sewn seams, gussets edges, and fail-safe closures. Made for ease of installation and removal without the use of special tools or skills.

Precise Fit
& Finish

Designed to fit any system with no gaps or undue compression of the insulation to maintain thermal effectiveness.


We offer standard size covers as well as one off customs. We can build a cover that meets or exceeds your specifications.

Removable & Reusable

Removable covers are perfect for items which require periodic to frequent maintenance unsuitable for permanent insulation.

Shipped or Delivered

Your products can be delivered locally or shipped world wide. Apex also welcomes in person pickup.

Project Gallery


Consider these applications for Custom Removable Insulation Covers:

  • Pump Covers

  • Valve Covers

  • PRV Station Covers

  • Flange Covers

  • Strainer Covers

  • Exhaust System Covers

  • Piping System Covers

  • Steam Trap Covers

  • Exchanger Covers

  • Boiler Covers

  • Turbine Covers

  • Flow Meter Covers

  • Filter Covers

  • Any Specialty Insulation Application