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Activity Eligibility Policy

It is the mission of American Preparatory Academy to develop “conscientious, confident citizens who think clearly, are effective proponents of those thoughts and are actively involved in the building and governing of society.” To that end we have added amazing after school activities for our students. Participation in after-school programs (sports and clubs) is a privilege not a right. To qualify for the privilege of participating in after school activities students must meet certain criteria in grades and behavior. For more a specific explanation of student expectations please see the “Athletic Code of Conduct.” This document is intended to describe the way in which eligibility will be determined.

  1. GRADES: Students must maintain an average of 74% or better in every class. If a student has a grade below 74% in any class they will be considered ineligible until the following week’s report. Students cannot participate in practices, games, or any related activity until the following week. Eligibility will be from Tuesday to Tuesday.
    1. An eligibility report will be run weekly based off of the weekly submission of grades by teachers.
    2. Teachers will be able to override ineligibility based upon grades. This will be done according to student effort, ability, and other circumstances on an individual student and teacher basis.
    3. Eligibility will carry over for two weeks at the beginning of each quarter. Teachers will be able to adjust student eligibility on an individual basis.
      1. ie. If quarter 1 ends on Friday October 19 and the student is eligible/ineligible at the end of the term that student will be eligible/ineligible until the end of the second week of school. In this case, due to the quarter break, the student will be eligible/ineligible until Tuesday November 13 when the new eligibility report is run.
    4. Eligibility during Winterim can be determined based upon the amount of work completed on math and latin packets in conjunction with the weekly grade reports.
  2. BEHAVIOR: Students are expected to maintain the highest levels of character while in attendance at American Prep. Students who do not exemplify the builder qualities required at American Prep will not be eligible for participation in after school activities. Specific behavior requirements are listed in the “Athletic Code of Conduct.”
    1. An eligibility report will be run weekly. Administration will review the form each week and students who have been involved in serious behavior infractions or who are repeat offenders will be deemed ineligible for participation.

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