Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities

SubSection: KLG

Boothbay Region Schools

Code: KLG


Cooperation with law enforcement agencies is essential for the protection of students, for maintaining a safe environment in the schools, and for safeguarding school property. Police officers may be allowed to interview students on school grounds during school hours by request of or with permission of the principal. In either case, the student's parents/guardians will be notified and the principal or designee will be present. The student will be afforded the same rights he/she would have outside of the school.

Arrests on school property should be avoided. When such action is necessary to protect the safety of students and/or staff, the principal and parents/guardians will be notified prior to the arrest or as soon thereafter as possible.

In all cases, all possible care will be taken to maintain the safety of students and the orderly conduct of school activities.

Adopted: 8-11-94