School and Community Service

SubSection: JN

Boothbay Region Schools


The School Committee is committed to preparing its students for active participation in the community and believes that one way to foster the values and personal qualities that lead to such participation is through a program of service learning. The School Committee believes that service to fellow students and the community promotes in students a feeling of self-esteem and encourages a sense of responsibility for self and for others. However, the School Committee believes that service programs are most effective when the following considerations are borne in mind:

A. Student service opportunities should be preceded by training and support so that the students involved will be prepared to offer useful service and derive the greatest benefit from their involvement in the program;

B. Service opportunities should be cooperative in nature, with emphasis placed on group problem solving and team building;

C. School faculty and other adult supervisors should help ensure that service experiences are well organized and that logistical concerns are prevented from interfering with the goals of the experience;

D. Youth service programs should help build constructive links between the community and the schools and whenever practicable involve members of the community in the planning, implementation and evaluation of such programs; and

E. Youth service should be integrated whenever possible with opportunities for reflection, discussion and evaluation.

Adopted: AUGUST 17, 1994