Criteria for Evaluation of Superintendent

SubSection: CBIA

Boothbay Region Schools


As the chief executive officer, the superintendent supervises the overall administration of the school system and serves as the secretary to the School Committee. In accordance with the policies of the Committee, he/she shall provide professional leadership in the system and shall administer and supervise the schools in such a way as to secure improvement of education opportunities. In addition to statutory duties, the superintendent shall have general supervision of all activities under the control of the Committee. He/she is expected to make such rules and give such instructions to school employees as may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities.

The following expectations shall serve as the basis for the evaluation of the superintendent:

A. Responsibility to the School Committee

1. Attend all meetings of the School Committee and its committees;

2. Keep full and accurate records of all Committee meetings;

3. Assist the Committee chair in the development of Committee agendas and see that they are printed, distributed and public notice given;

4. Advise the Committee on the need for new/revised policies and see that all policies of the Committee are implemented;

5. Prepare annual operating budget recommendations and implement the approved budget in accordance with Committee policy;

6. Take appropriate action in an emergency not suitably covered in Committee policy; and

7. Keep the Committee informed on all matters of importance to the school system.

B. School Department staff and Community Relations

1. Secure and nominate for employment the best qualified and most competent teachers and supervisory and administrative personnel;

2. Employ the best qualified and most competent nonprofessional staff available;

3. Assign and transfer employees as the interest of the system may dictate and report such action to the Committee for information and record;

4. Report to the Committee the case of any professional employee whose service is unsatisfactory and recommend appropriate action;

5. Hold such meetings of teachers and other employees as necessary for the discussion of matters concerning the improvement and welfare of the schools;

6. Delegate those responsibilities to other employees of the School Department which he/she at his/her discretion deems appropriate;

7. Understand and implement the terms and conditions of various negotiated agreements and employment policies;

8. Interpret Committee policies and administrative procedures to the staff and community; and

9. Promote communication to parents and the public regarding school programs, educational trends, practices and problems facing the schools.

C. Educational Program

1. Ensure that a periodic review of the various components of the school program is conducted and advise the Committee on recommendations for the educational advancement of the schools; and

2. Direct the planning and implementation of a coordinated curriculum in the various schools as well as the development of the appropriate staff inservice training.

D. Plant Management

1. Is accountable for directing the appropriate management of all buildings within the school system;

2. Promote the proper use and care of all school facilities and equipment; and

3. Recommend necessary new facilities or renovations to existing facilities in order to effectively provide the space needed to accommodate the school program.

E. Other

1. Attend such conventions and conferences as may be necessary to keep abreast of the latest education advancements; and

2. Perform such other tasks as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Committee or required by law.

Adopted: 6-11-1986

Revised: 12-10-1986; 8-17-1994