School Committee Officers

SubSection: BDB

Boothbay Region Schools


A chair and vice-chair shall be elected by the active members of the School Committee at the first meeting of the School Committee immediately following the conclusion of the Annual CSD Budget Meeting in June. The elected officers shall assume their duties at the next regularly scheduled School Committee meeting.

The Committee chair will preside at the Committee meetings and perform all duties imposed by the statutes. The chair will decide questions of order at Committee meetings, unless overruled by a majority vote of members present. The chair will have the same right as other members to offer resolutions, to offer motions, to discuss questions and to vote thereon and will otherwise conduct Committee meetings in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. The chair will appoint all committee representatives or committees of the School Committee and will be an ex officio member of all such committees. The chair will sign all official School District documents that require the signature of the chair's office. The chair will consult with the superintendent regarding preparation of the agenda for all Committee meetings.

The vice-chair will have all the powers and duties of the chair in his/her absence or during his/her disability and such other powers and duties as the Committee may from time to time determine. In the event the chair arrives after the vice-chair has accepted the chair duties, and vice, chair shall continue to preside over the remainder of the meeting.

Legal Reference:

TITLE 20-A MRSA, SEC. 1055 AND 1651, 2

Adopted: 6-11-1986

Revised: 11-13-1991, 8-17-1994