September 29th Newsletter


Third Grade with Mrs. Peters

September 29, 2017



The focus in math is reviewing and extending work with addition and subtraction as students review facts, look for patterns, and work with larger numbers. We spent some time reviewing and learning about Place Value. We will be transitioning to multiplication by having students use a variety of rich contexts (arrays of stamps, groups of windows, and a coral reef) to develop and refine multiplication strategies and models. Unit 3 returns to addition and subtraction, focusing on strategies for computing with larger numbers.

*As with any grouping, students' math abilities vary greatly, so we will be starting a workshop model, in which students will have direct instruction time, math game time, and individual math work time.

This week we played some very fun group online games involving place value and multiplication: Who Wants to Be a Hundredaire and Multiplication Jeopardy. We also played Target Twenty involving math cards and sums/differences.



Students met in their reading groups to read with me and we also began meeting for individual reading lessons. I am really impressed with how well my students are reading and their stamina to stick with the book they choose.


We worked on punctuation this week and many classmates have been very motivated to create their own fiction stories and autobiographies. Students discovered voice dictation on their chrome books and it made it possible for very slow typers to create enormous, incredible, interesting pieces of writing. Rest assured, dictating and typing will NOT take the place of writing stories with pencils and paper, but it's a really neat tool to use. :)


Science/Social Studies

We do science/social studies almost everyday. We have been studying Force and Motion and the 7 Continents and 4 major Oceans.

Monday, students finished up their continent collages for Maker Monday.

Tuesday, students took more notes on their continent for our group research project and we organized all the note facts.

Wednesday, students worked on maps of the world (labeling all continents and oceans and some people felt ready to take the final continent test.

Thursday: students finished typing up their note facts.

Friday, students worked with their 6th grade buddies for Science and began building their Egg Drop device using:

Egg Drop Materials:

  • 10 Straws
  • 10 Popsicle Sticks
  • 10 Cotton Balls
  • 1 Sandwich Bag
  • 1 meter of string
  • 50 centimeters of tape
  • 5 paperclips