October 13th Newsletter


Third Grade with Mrs. Peters

October 13, 2017



We continue the study of geometry with our Number Corner and are learning about Polygons, quadrilaterals, and parallel line segments. During our math lessons we continue to learn about subtraction (with trading), multiplication, and identifying patterns with basic subtraction facts. Students are given math challenge packets and Continental Math League packets for additional challenges in math.

Last week, students learned the 3rd math game: Blast Off. This "Work Place" was fantastic for increasing speed and skill with subtraction. To differentiate, some students played against the clock, after playing against a partner.

This week we focused on subtraction with trading/borrowing and solving word problems.

On Friday we made graphs using data from our Stuffies: line plot, bar graph, and pictorgraph (see photos below).



Students met in their reading groups to read, read and we also began meeting for individual reading lessons. During Literacy students worked on Buddy Reading, Read to Self, Listening to Reading, Writing about their Reading, and Word Work using some words from our upcoming Magnetism science unit. Below is a photo of students using bendy-stix to create one of the largest words on their word list.



This week we focused on how to write "hooks" for a first sentence of a personal narratives ( or other stories) and more work on punctuation.

Students spent more time on editing their personal narratives on their computers.


Science/Social Studies

We do science/social studies almost everyday. We are wrapping up studying Force and Motion and the 7 Continents and 4 major Oceans. We are beginning to discuss exploration that brought people to America, including Native Americans. We will begin studying Magnetism next week.

Monday, no school

Tuesday, students completed geography booklets including descriptions of their neighborhoods and writing their addresses.

Wednesday, we began reading a book called the Discovery of the Americas and we had conversations about the changing landforms and the Bering Land bridge.

Thursday: students students spent the day outside, for Outdoor Classroom Day, exploring fields and shore near Pemaquid Pond, at the Lakehurst property.