November 30, 2017

November 30th NEWSLETTER

Third Grade with Mrs. Peters

November 30, 2017

Only a 4 day week. Happy December.


Third graders have been working hard to show evidence of their learning based on our third grade standards. We have been teaching them to use rubrics for their writing and their work in Social Studies and Science. They will be scored on their work in all subjects and their scores will be reported out on their report cards this week.


Third grade students will be scored on math fluency in double digit addition and subtraction, solving story problems and beginning multiplication understanding and practice.



They will be scored on reading fluency and comprehension and their ability to answer questions from text and retell stories. Our focus will be Folktales and Fables.

The reading group working in my classroom, has been doing Literature Circles that include the jobs of: Character Sketcher, Plot Person, Scene Setter, and Story Tree Teller. We began reading Mystery of the Eagle's Nest.



In writing, they will be scored on their ability to write narratives with introductions and conclusions, their use of grammar and spelling, their writing stamina, and their use of technology in the publishing of their writing.


Science/Social Studies

In Social Studies, they are being scored on their knowledge of the continents and oceans and the geography of Maine, specifically how it relates to Maine Native Americans. In Science, they are being scored on the understanding of force and motion, including magnets and static electricity. They are also scored on Engineering Design which includes their wigwam projects and the magnet race track designs.

December Reflection/Celebration of Learning Activity:

We learned about the value of reflecting and my students shared reflections of their growth and discoveries in all the subjects we've been studying. Here are all of their reflections and recognitions.


I've learned harder words. The books that I read are getting easier to read. I have learned about retelling stories. I have started lots of new series and I wish there were more books in our classroom library. It's important to take your time to read. Reading is the best and the books I like have Mr. Magee as a character. I've gotten better at reading faster. I've learned that reading to yourself is reading in your head. I have learned new words from books I've read. I have learned how to re-tell a folktale. I've gone up many levels in reading. I've learned harder words and am better at reading. I feel like I am a master at reading. I think that I am starting to get the meanings of more words.

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: When I made the teacher jump out of her seat it was showing balanced and unbalanced forces. I learned about unbalanced and balanced forces and static. I have learned about Native Americans. I learned a lot about magnets. I have gotten better at science and social studies. I have to make more time to learn about science. I learned about the different types of shelters and names for wigwams and how they are built. I now know all the continents. I have learned about Native Americans and wish I could have done more work with magnets. I like that we learned about force and static electricity. I learned that a balloon can pick up a packing peanut using static electricity. I learned new things about Native Americans. I have learned more about Native American homes. I love all the field trips.

WRITING: I have learned about text features. I know I'm good at using upper case letters and punctuation. I learned how to write fiction and non-fiction and writing 'water melon seed' personal narratives and text features. I know how to use upper case letters and punctuation. I have learned a LOT of new words. I have learned to write neatly. I think that I am better at spelling words and maybe a little better at punctuation. I have gotten better at writing. I think I got better at writing longer stories. I learned how to write in Google Docs and wish I could write more personal narratives. I LOVE making new stories! I am learning how to use quotation marks. I have learned about verbs. I've gotten better and better at writing all through the year so far (thank you!). I do writing in a different room, but writing is so much fun.

MATH: I have learned multiplication. I have learned how to do the times tables. I have learned times facts like 8 times 8. I've learned more multiplication. I'm getting better at times tables. I've learned how to do times and division (thank you!). I think I have gotten better at doing multiplication and doing more subtracting and adding. I have figured out how to carry when adding. I've learned how to multiply, to do number corner, and to do really, really fun games of math. I learned hard multiplication. I like that I've learned to do times. I want to learn even more multiplication. I've gotten better at multiplication and division. I have learned that I am really good at remembering stuff. I wish I could do more carrying with multiplication. Math is the Best and I want to do more times tables.