November 3, 2017

November 3rd NEWSLETTER

Third Grade with Mrs. Peters

November 3, 2017

*A very short week, due to the big storm.



We started a new number corner for November and will be focusing on multiplication. We also did a timed multiplication and division quiz, to see where everyone stands with previous knowledge of those areas. Students worked on solving multi-step double digit addition and subtraction number stories.



The reading group working in my classroom, began Literature Circles and this week had the jobs of: Character Sketcher, Plot Pewrson, Scene Setter, and Story Tree Teller. We began reading Mystery of the Eagle's Nest.



Students worked on some personal narrative AND creative fiction stories using some spooky story starters.

Friday morning, Mrs. Pinkham taught Mrs. Gregg and Mrs. Peters' classes about using Mentor Sentences. All the third grade classes will be studying grammar and punctuation using Mentor Sentences. This is a really incredible, daily activity that helps students improve their writing.


Science/Social Studies

We continued our studies of Native Americans and spent more time exploring magnetism and static force.

Thursday: we did a review of the continents and oceans and some extra choice time.

Friday: We watched videos on magnetism and static electricity....preparing for a quiz to wrap up our science theme on Monday.

***Our class continues to work on respecting one another's space and contributions. Many friends are greatly improving on controlling not blurting out, raising hands, being kind listeners, keeping positive attitudes, and treating each other as we'd like to be treated.